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Who We Are​

Our name is Veritas Automata, you can translate that as Trusted Automation. The Veritas Automata team has a history of creating large global IoT solutions for complex problems, custom software for companies and helping to create decentralized decision-making solutions. The team is a mix of Engineers, Product Managers, Mad Scientists, Project Managers and Creative Problem solvers who love to tackle the hardest new problems.

Note: It’s hard to get them out of bed for the easy ones

Veritas Automata helps solve the Life Sciences, Transportation, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing industry challenges. We utilize Node.js, .NET, Kubernetes, Hyperledger Fabric and RoS (Robotic Operating System), Microsoft Solutions to accomplish this. We aren’t above throwing in a bit of python and ML/AI when needed to polish off the project.

Note: We do have a strict no Skynet or HAL rule… those seeking world domination go elsewhere. We just want to make things better.

Veritas Automata thinks of ourselves as force multipliers to help our customers solve problems fast. We provide architecture and consulting services to help you create a strategy for solving your automation and digital chain of custody solutions. Veritas Automata also provides PaaS solutions to help you with your distributed decision making and digital chain of custody problems. Lastly, we can provide teams to implement our platforms or the strategies resulting from our Professional Implementation Services team.


At Veritas Automata, we believe a culture of diversity fosters creativity, innovation, and cohesion.

veritas automata customer heart

Customer Heart

We deliver amazing products and  client experiences.  Our customer is the heart of what we do and if they are not successful, we will not be.

veritas automata simplicity


We strive for the least complicated approach that will work. It may be hard work for us, but we make things easy for our customers.

Veritas Automata Innovation

Break Things in New
and Interesting Ways

The people that work here are smart, and smart people know you can always get better. Mistakes are even ok but we must learn from them and not repeat them.

veritas automata curiosity and empathy

Curiosity and Empathy

We dream what is possible and make It real—by taking other’s perspectives so that we can see all sides of the problem. We innovate by constantly striving to provide greater value for our customers and Partners.

veritas automata do the right

Do the Right thing

We make rapid decisions to create lasting value through our collaborative choices while uplifting everyone and treating others with respect and dignity.

VA Kubernetes Consistency

Embrace Change

We approach opportunities boldly,  understanding that the business environment will continue to evolve at light speed.


Career and Personal Development

Veritas Automata and Yuxi Global prides itself on providing career and personal development to our team, creating a positive and enriching work environment.​

The importance of open communication and active participation in various aspects of the company is highlighted, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration.​

Work Life Balance

We promote a balance between personal and professional life, contributing to the happiness and quality of life of its employees.

Our team is FULLY remote!

Health Benefits

Join our team and enjoy health, life, and emotional well-being benefits, including comprehensive health insurance, life policies, and wellness apps.

Celebrate achievements with our rewards for strategy, consistency, and commitment. Explore these and many more benefits in a dynamic, inclusive environment that values your growth.

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Explore our diverse range of upcoming events, from conferences to webinars.

Who We Work With​

Streamlining Complex Industries with Specialized Automation Expertise​

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