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K3S on AWS EC2
Veritas Automata K3S on AWS EC2

Pioneering advancements: Deploying K3S on AWS EC2

At the heart of our blockchain offerings is the integration of K3S with Hyperledger Fabric on AWS, establishing a foundation for secure, transparent, and efficient digital transactions. Join Veritas Automata as we unfold the future of automation and smart solutions powered by AWS.

Veritas Automata k3s AWS

K3S on AWS EC2

Streamlined cloud operations by leveraging the lightweight Kubernetes distribution, K3S, on AWS EC2 instances, offering a scalable and efficient orchestration of containerized applications.

Veritas Automata OpenSource Operations

Open Source Operations on AWS

Operate and manage robust solutions on AWS, ensuring flexibility and innovation in our deployment strategies.
Veritas Automata DevOps AWS

DevOps on AWS

Acceleration of development cycles to improve deployment quality through automated pipelines and infrastructure as code.
Veritas Automata Smart products

Smart Product Connected Services

Integrate smart products into a cohesive system, enabling intelligent and responsive user experience.
Veritas Automata Kubernetes Deployment

Kubernetes and K3S Deployment

Deployment of Kubernetes and K3S spans both AWS cloud environments and edge devices, ensuring a seamless and consistent operation across diverse infrastructures.
Veritas Automata Hyperledger Fabric

K3S with Hyperledger Fabric

Combination of K3S with Hyperledger Fabric on AWS, provides secure and scalable blockchain solutions, facilitating trusted transactions and decentralized applications.
Veritas Automata Professional Services

Professional Services

Our professional services team can maintain and extend your solution within AWS.

Veritas Automata, where innovation meets practicality.

Dive into a world where automation is trusted, and every solution is a gateway to enhanced efficiency. Our mastery in operating open-source solutions on AWS sets the stage for unparalleled flexibility and innovation.

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