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Empowering Innovation with Advanced Tech: AI, IoT, Cloud, and More.


Optimized Container Orchestration for Scalable Solutions.

Kubernetes stands at the heart of our deployment strategy, ensuring efficient, scalable container management across diverse environments. It's pivotal in our cloud-native approach, enabling robust and flexible application management.

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Grafana & Prometheus

Advanced Monitoring and Analytics for Data-Driven Insights

Grafana and Prometheus are integral to our analytics stack, providing powerful monitoring and visualization capabilities. This combination allows us to deliver real-time insights and performance metrics, essential for informed decision-making.

veritas automata grafana prometheus

Thanos & Loki

Enhanced Logging and Data Storage Solutions

Thanos and Loki augment our data handling capabilities, ensuring long-term data storage and efficient logging. This duo is crucial for handling large-scale data and providing comprehensive log management.

veritas automata thanos loki

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Innovative AI & ML for Next-Gen Automation

We leverage Machine Learning and AI, both at the edge and in the cloud, to drive innovation in automation. These technologies enable intelligent decision-making and predictive analytics, enhancing our solutions' effectiveness.

veritas automata machine learning ai

ROS 2 with IoT Integration

Revolutionizing Automation with ROS 2 and IoT

ROS 2, combined with our advanced IoT integration, creates sophisticated automation solutions. This synergy is pivotal in developing smarter, more connected, and responsive systems in various industries.

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Streamlining Deployment with GitOps Practices

Our adoption of GitOps principles ensures a smooth, transparent, and efficient deployment process. This approach aligns development and operations, enhancing the reliability and speed of our software releases.

Veritas Automata gitops

AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

Leveraging Top Cloud Platforms for Versatile Solutions

We harness the strengths of AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure to offer versatile, secure, and high-performance cloud solutions. Our expertise across these platforms ensures optimal deployment, scalability, and reliability.

veritas automata aws google cloud azure

PowerBi & .NET

Data Intelligence and Robust Frameworks with PowerBi & .NET

PowerBi and .NET form the backbone of our data intelligence and application development. PowerBi offers impactful data visualization, while .NET provides a robust framework for building versatile applications.

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Our Solutions

Revolutionize Industry with Tailored, Efficient, Trusted Automation Solutions.

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